“We knew in bringing David back to the classroom that his students would gain immense skills and perspective from his years of experience in the fashion business. David's combination of industry expertise and being a wonderful human being make him a perfect person for teaching the portfolio course.”

Melinda Wax

Director of Continuing Education, Parsons School of Design



“I am honored to finally collaborate with someone I truly admire.”

— Bil Donovan

                                                                  Artist & Fashion Illustrator 



“Thanks for your kind advices and your valuable mentoring. I will keep searching and hopefully will find out my focus in the near future.”

— H.W.



“I really really appreciated what you’ve helped me. I have learnt a lot from you by doing different project for my portfolio. Thanks David. You are an amazing designer/ teacher/ human being.” 

— E.L.



“I'll think deeply about my soul searching and design. Appreciate your guidance and encouragement! I'll continue to work on this project until I find something that I'm satisfied with!” 

— X.L.



“I will totally send people your way for portfolio coaching -- I know firsthand how it helped me!” 

— C.E.



“It was a fruitful experience, thanks a lot for your guidance and wise words.”

— S.M.



“I just took Fashion Portfolio class with David Leung. It was the most inspiring and fruitful class I ever took. I was actually being able to design again that's totally relevant in the Fashion Industry. I don't know how much I can tell it was absolute Parsons moment to take the class with him.”




“I want to let you know that taking your class was such a breath of fresh air for me. The challenges you provided and the exercises in creative flexibility really helped give me a renewed perspective in my career choice.” 




“I am really enjoying this project, and feel like I am learning a lot! “




“I tell other students in my classes about you all the time! You are an awesome professor and have a wealth of experience!  You were one of my professors who challenged me and I am better for it!”